Houston Hunter Douglas Roller Shades

There are many options available when it comes to choosing shades for your home. While each home has different needs, Signature Shutters of Houston professionals recommend Hunter Douglas roller shades because of their many benefits; we find our customers to be highly satisfied with them.

roller shades in Houston bedroom


Keep Your Home Cooler With Hunter Douglas Shades

If you’re an environmentally conscious homeowner, roller shades may be perfect for you. They come in interior and exterior styles suitable for many areas of your home. Hunter Douglas offers roller shades that can block up to 90% of the afternoon heat; their interior shades come in many fabrics. They’re easily adjustable, so you can enjoy the sunlight as you wish and block it whenever you want. Less heat means less air conditioning used, which means you save money and help the environment simultaneously.


Make Your Design Pop

Most homeowners don’t consider shades a vital part of interior design. However, the Houston roller shades that Hunter Douglas offers can make a room’s design pop like almost no other accessory. The shades come in several colors, from neutrals to a deep, eye-catching purple. The company offers shade swatches in attractive yet unobtrusive patterns. The color and pattern you choose can make your room feel like an active social space or a calm retreat ideal for reading, meditating, or working on creative hobbies. Ask a Signature Shutters team member which designs are best for your home.

Hunter Douglas encourages customers to design their own roller shades. When you meet with your Signature Shutters Representative, we can help you customize a set of roller shades that’s perfect for a particular room in your home.


Use Cutting-Edge Shade Technology

Hunter Douglas roller shades come with a Custom Clutch system that makes them a cinch to operate. This system ensures your shades won’t creak, squeak, or stick when you are raising or lowering them. Instead, they will smoothly glide into place with minimal effort. Additionally, Custom Clutch-equipped roller shades have minimal light gaps, so you can let in as much or as little light as you want. If you need quiet or privacy, simply lower the shades completely. No one will peek inside, and no outdoor distractions will intrude.

Roller shades from Hunter Douglas are individually hand-calibrated during production to ensure that they work flawlessly at all times. You can select a shade that not only fits your window, but raises and lowers consistently whenever you like, regardless of its weight, size, or overall design.


Get a Reasonable Price On Shades

Roller shades are often perfect for homeowners on a budget. They are far less expensive and more cost-effective than decorative plantation shutters, Roman shades or cellular shades. Roller shades will not depreciate over time because they are so durable. In fact, our careful calibration of each shade ensures that if problems do occur, they can be repaired quickly and efficiently. If you are on a budget but want your windows to look great, Signature Shutters can work with Hunter Douglas to customize the perfect set of roller shades for your home or office.