Motorized Patio Shades, Houston, TX

Power Solar Screens are ideal when a sleek design is desired and Signature Shutters offers two models to fit your home.

The “SRS” Solar Screen technology incorporates side retention tracks on each edge of the fabric to eliminate gaps and create a perfect barrier from pesky insects. This model offers the best combination of sun protection as well as a complete enclosure system.

retractable porch screens


The “Cable Guided” Solar Screen model is best used in lighter wind environments and is primarily designed to offer sun protection, privacy screening and light wind protection. This model is ideal if the architectural design of your home doesn’t allow for the installation of side tracks and a complete enclosure isn’t necessary.


Here Is What Make Us Different

Our premium motorized retractable screen features are standard. Why do we do this? Because we can and we want to offer the best!

Our motorized retractable screens are designed to keep the screen mesh stable and allows for worry-free use of your screen, even in high wind conditions.

Other companies will sell you a wind sensor to retract your screen in moderate wind. We decided to offer a better product that can withstand the wind.

These solar screens have been field tested in winds up to 75 miles per hour (for comparison’s sake, the wind sensor’s max setting is 28 mph!) So unlike other screen systems, our screens can be left down when the wind blows, providing protection and energy savings.


Custom designed patio shade Houston screen system

Enhance Your Houston Outdoor Space

Beauty and brawn are not mutually exclusive when it comes to the motorized retractable shade.Each of our screens is custom designed and manufactured to meet your needs, complement your unique architecture, and fit your style.

Exterior screens enhance the look of your outdoor space, while providing privacy and ambiance to the interior of your Texas home. You get to choose the size, shape, fabric, color, and other features of your screen system to ensure that it’s the perfect shading solution for you and your home.

Smooth clean lines and a wide variety of colors make this screen system the ultimate fashion accessory for your home. It is not only the toughest Houston motorized patio screen system but it is also the most beautiful.


Extruded Aluminum Electric Solar Screens

Heavy Gauge Extruded Aluminum Components

Our screens are crafted with aluminum components to be strong and resilient. The motorized screen system isn’t prone to twisting or damage, providing quiet operation and a longer lasting screen.

We prevent rust and corrosion by using only aluminum and stainless steel parts.

Your screen is designed and manufactured to look great and perform flawlessly for many years to come.


Solar Screen Motor's Houston, TX

State-Of-The-Art Technology

A whisper-quiet motor and an intelligent remote control. What more could you want?

During a wind storm, the best sound your screen can make is no sound at all. While many of the other screen systems sound like a clanging cowbell in windy conditions, our solar screen is built to be as quiet as a mouse and work as strong as an ox.

Our motorized retractable screen comes standard with a motor, so you don’t have to manually raise or lower the screen using a hand crank. We feature motors and controls manufactured by Somfy, the world leader in tubular motors.


Remote controlled patio shades

Intelligent Control

We offer a variety of control options and can interface with existing home automation systems. Remote control technology makes using your screen convenient, and you will be less likely to experience damage (for example, rolling up the screen the wrong direction.)

All Rainier shade products feature time tested, dependable motors and controls manufactured by Somfy – The world leader in tubular motor technology.


Solar Screen reduces heat and glare

Reduce Heat, Glare, and Sun Damage

Cool your home naturally with an exterior patio shade. Research has shown that an exterior shading system can reduce cooling costs up to 60% – it’s better for your wallet and the environment than traditional air conditioning.

Our screens are designed to filter out the UV rays that pass through window glass. You’ll preserve your outdoor view while decreasing glare on your TV and computer screens, and protecting your valuable home furnishings from fading.


Solar SCreens for insect protection

Keep Bugs Where They Belong… Outside

Our Houston patio shades have the additional benefit of being insect proof. To fully enclose your living area from pesky bugs, the solar screen system has a brush on the hem bar for a seal along the bottom of the system, and a built-in, self-cleaning system.

This is the only retractable patio screen system to utilize two brushes in the housing to clean the screen as it rolls up and down. This prevents dirt and debris from entering your home, and, and critters from nesting in the housing.


Recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation

Built In Screen Cleaning System

The only system to use two brushes in the housing to clean the screen during operation. This prevents dirt, debris, and critters from entering your home or nesting in the housing.

Recommended as an effective UV Protectant by the Skin Cancer Foundation.



Our Solar Screens are made in the USA!

Made in America

All Rainier shade products are manufactured and assembled in the United States. Locations in the Seattle metro area and Statesville, North Carolina.




Options for your Houston Solar Screen System


Retractable Screen Frame Colors

Our Retractable Screen & Cable Screen Systems are available in 11 standard frame colors:

Black, Bright White, White, Gray, Desert Sand, Tan, Brown, Bronze, Navajo, Silver and Green.

Custom colors are available to allow you to match your specific color scheme and we can match any provided sample. (For An Additional Cost)

Every screen is built to order and powder coated in-house. The result is a beautiful, appliance-like finish that requires little maintenance.


Sun Sensor for electric screens

Sun Sensor

This wireless sun sensor is powered with an integrated solar cell to automatically lower a screen based on the sun’s intensity.

The wireless and compact design makes it an easy addition to any screen that creates a comfortable space for you to enjoy any time.


Houston Home Automation

Home Automation

Motorized screens powered by Somfy seamlessly integrate with home automation systems so that you can control lighting, HVAC, AV, and security systems with one device.

Control your motorized screen(s) with Somfy’s TaHomA – a Total Home Automation system. TaHomA allows users to control, schedule, and monitor a variety of products, and efficiently optimizes the interaction of natural and artificial lighting, as well as heating and cooling, according to users’ personal preferences, which saves time, energy, and money.