Making A Statement With Roman Shades

The primary difference between Roman Shades and other styles of window shades is that Roman Shades fold onto themselves as they are raised, creating a series of sumptuous, soft folds. When lowered, they are visually stunning, and when lifted, the folds create a finished “faux valance” effect. Roman Shades are drapery-like, in a horizontal treatment; it creates the same fullness on a window as a drapery, but more closely tailored to the lines of the window itself.

That’s not to say Roman Shades can’t have a casual elegance – like all other treatments, it’s all in the execution and context. A rumpled Linen fabric in a Relaxed Roman Shade is quite different than a Rose Roman Shade in Silk in the tone that it sets. However, Roman Shades can do heavy lifting as standalone window coverings in formal spaces, which other shades can’t always accomplish. It all comes down to the lines that Roman Shades create, both when lifted and lowered on the window.


Galveston living room with draperies and Roman shades


Some homeowners want their window treatments to make a statement in a room, and act as a featured part of the decor. Roman Shades are statement pieces, even in a standard, white cotton material. When they lift, they have volume and folds at the top, which we refer to as a “stack.” This means that the shade will be ever-present and visible on your windows, even when lifted up (and this includes sheer fabrics).

On the other hand, there are homeowners who describe a window treatment that will “disappear” on the window, or something that will “clear the glass.” If this is the type of window treatments you desire then it is best to steer clear from Roman shades.

We carry Roman shades from Hunter Douglas, Norman and Timber priced for homeowners on a budget as well as for those who only want the best high-end Roman shades. Browse our site and take a look at some of the different Roman shade operating systems. If you are still uncertain whether Roman Shades are the right fit for you? Give us a call at (832) 404-2400. We can’t wait to talk about your windows.