Tips for Choosing High-Quality Materials for Your Interior Shutters

When choosing interior shutters, there are many things to consider to ensure you pick the right product for you and your home. Plantation shutters come in a variety of styles, materials, and colors. Here are a few things to consider when choosing a shutter for your Texas home.


Quality made Houston plantation shutters


Make Sure Plantation Shutters Have Proper Tension

Interior shutters are equipped with either screws or pins at the end of each louver that create tension in the shutters, which holds the louvers open or closed. Tension screws can wear out your shutters over time and will need tightening more frequently as the shutters age. Louver pins, on the other hand, do not need tightening or adjusting with normal use.


Are Your Shutters Built from Quality Material?

Manufacturers make shutters out of different types of wood and other materials:

  • Basswood. This wood is said to be the most reliable wood for building shutters. These shutters are typically very straight and have a uniform texture and grain. Basswood is easy to work with and has stood the test of time in many homes. It typically does not warp and is very lightweight.
  • Oak and maple. While these woods are very stable, shutters made of oak or maple are heavy. Shutters made from oak or maple are high quality and should last longer than shutters made from other woods or materials. Despite this durability, the weight of these shutters might cause damage to window frames or trims, especially if the shutters are opened and/or closed daily.
  • Cedar, alder, and pine. These woods can be used for constructing shutters; however, they are not the best quality wood to use for this purpose. These woods are soft and can be inconsistent in density and strength. Shutters made from cedar, alder, or pine also tend to warp easily.
  • Synthetics, plastic, and poly. These products might not be as durable as wood, but they can be more consistent in quality. Shutters made from these materials can be more difficult to customize and typically come in white only.

interior shutters painted black

Make Sure Your Houston Shutters Are Custom Made


It may seem more cost effective to buy pre-made shutters in hopes that your measurements work out. Typically, spending the extra time and money to have a shutter specialist come to your home to measure your windows is well worth the extra cost. This way you can feel confident that your shutters will be built to fit your home perfectly. Custom plantation shutters can provide a solid return on investment. These timeless window treatments help control temperatures within your home by blocking out the sun’s harsh rays, lessening the demand on your air conditioner, and if you ever decide to move, the shutters will stay in your home and help increase its resale value.

The specialists at Signature Shutters of Houston can install quality plantation shutters in your home for only $18.95 per square inch. We are professionals in the field and can help you select the best shutter to complement your home’s interior. Contact us today and let us help you with your Houston interior shutter needs.